The Maverick Interview: Taylor Toves

August 27, 2019

Ranked worldwide, professional bull rider Taylor Toves was destined for the cowboy life.

Born and raised in Louisiana by a former bull rider, Toves can’t remember a time when he wanted to do anything other than ride bulls.

We had a chance to chat with the face of Ely Cattleman about his influences, the meaning of western style and all things Louisiana.

What’s your favorite part of being a pro bull rider?

TT: Winning. Staying on and winning. Riding bulls is a feeling like nothing else.

Can you describe that feeling?

TT: Makes you feel like you’re on top of the world, like you can’t be stopped. I don’t know how to explain it. When it comes to bull riding, you’re always the underdog. When you conquer something like that, when you go out and ride one, two, however many bulls it takes to win an event like that, well there’s nothing else quite like it.

What are your favorite memories form starting out?

TT: I started hanging out with a kid who was riding steers and stuff. We’d both go out to his house and get on as many bulls as we could until we figured it out. It was rough just trying to get everything figured out. You have to get through the worst of it, get used to it to get decent at it.

So a lot of bumps and bruises?

TT: Yes, sir. Yes, sir.Laughs.

Who are some bull riders that inspired you?

TT: Lane Frost and Tuff Hedeman are big ones, all those guys I saw in movies growing up. Once I actually started watching bull riding and knew what was going on, I looked up to Justin McBride and Chris Shivers, ‘cause he’s from Louisiana.

What’s your favorite place to be?

TT: Vegas for the finals is my favorite place for bull riding. When I’m home, I like to hang out with my friends and fish, ride dirt bikes. My happy place is outside for sure.

What music are you currently listening to?

TT: I listen to a lot of hardcore rap music that most people ain’t never even heard of before. I like all kinds of music, but if it’s just me in my car I’m listening to rap. Before an event, I’m jamming rap music on a speaker, like Boosie, Webby, Kevin Gates, Hurricane Chris, Lil Snupe.

Your favorite food?

TT: I’m gonna have to go with the seafood since I’m from Louisiana. I was born and raised eating crawfish and shrimp, all that good stuff. I love Cajun cuisine like gumbo, all of it.

What does western style mean to you?

TT: It’s everything to me. I guess it’s normal for us because we just wake up and put clothes like that on every day. It’s just a part of life for us. It’s tradition: cowboys used to wear western clothing way back in the day and it stuck. Western shirts and jeans are perfect for the outdoors.

How does it feel to star in the Ely Cattleman campaign?

TT: It’s awesome. I’ve always had at least one or two Ely shirts in rotation. My grandpa used to wear them all the time and my dad always had a bunch of them. I’m super stoked and proud to be a part of getting the brand out there.

Is bull riding anything like you envisioned when you were younger?

TT: Yes, sir. It’s everything I ever imagined and dreamed of since I was a little kid. Even more.